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We offer cutting-edge applied R&D capabilities and groundbreaking technologies.
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State-of-the-art facilities
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FIRST RF provides reliable communications solutions to our customers with antenna systems that provide superior performance and affordability, from VHF to MMW.

Our designs incorporate multiple frequency bands in compact packaging to save space in crowded airborne, vehicular, even body worn installations. These antennas can also incorporate filtering and active electronics.
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With a range of capabilities from antennas tailored to radar applications through complete radar solutions, we offer unparalleled value.

FIRST RF phased array technology, advanced transmit/receive architectures, and high performance aperture design provides radar systems with advantages in beam agility, polarization diversity, and bandwidth.


State-of-the-art fixed and controlled-pattern antenna and array options, anti-jam capabilities, attitude and heading reference systems.

From advanced antenna designs to reduce size and weight on primary payloads to unprecedented bandwidth and null-forming performance, FIRST RF is breaking new ground in Pointing Navigation and Control technology.
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Phased Arrays

Our designs offer paradigm-shifting affordability to allow high-performance phased array capability to be applied to a wider variety of applications.

A pragmatic manufacturing approach and best-in-class RF, electronics, and mechanical engineering brings many new users the advantages of increased range and dynamic beam pointing with zero moving parts.
FIRST RF Radio Frequency Compatibility icon

RF Compatibility

As the RF spectrum grows ever more cluttered, FIRST RF provides technologies that allow the simultaneous operation of multiple functions.

Whether you are dealing with collocating radio equipment at shared commercial antenna sites or self jamming issues on vehicle or within a convoy, FIRST RF technologies provide a broadband solution to an expanding problem.
FIRST RF Low Observable Antennas icon

Low Observable Antennas

Our affordable conformal and low-observable antennas use breakthrough technology to provide more capability and better value.

FIRST RF is combining affordability and performance in low observable and conformal technology. Our breakthrough technologies in materials and manufacturing have been applied to numerous products and over thousands of deployed antennas.
FIRST RF Electronic Warfare icon

Electronic Warfare

From electronic attack to electronic sensing, FIRST RF’s technologies provide support of next-generation electronic warfare capabilities.

Solutions apply state-of-the-art commercial multiband antenna technology to provide affordable solutions for both ground and airborne platforms.
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Direction Finding

Our direction finding and geolocation antennas, algorithms, and receivers provide unprecedented battlefield awareness.

FIRST RF DF designs have been successfully implemented on ground vehicle, UAV, dismounted, and body wearable platforms.