high-performance solutions

Our custom RF solutions span a variety of platforms and applications.

sample solutions

FIRST RF Custom Concealed Vehicular Antenna

Vehicular Antennas 

Custom Concealed Vehicular Antennas
FIRST RF Custom Radio Frequency Compatibility Design and Analysis

RF Compatibility

Custom RF Compatibility Design & Analysis
FIRST RF Custom Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Custom Installed Performance Testing
FIRST RF Custom Space Solutions

Space Solutions

Custom Space Solutions
FIRST RF Custom UAV Antennas

UAV Antennas

Custom UAV Antennas
FIRST RF Custom Conformal and LO Antennas

Conformal & LO Antennas 

Custom Production Solutions

affordable production

FIRST RF Custom Conformal Antenna

One, 100 or 1,000

At FIRST RF, our  manufacturing history includes large-scale efforts of hundreds of units per day, as well as custom production efforts of small quantities. Our manufacturing lines are flexible and product-centric allowing us to tackle a wide range of production efforts without compromising affordability, quality, or responsiveness.

So whether you need one, 100 or 1,000 units, we're here to help.
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the possibilities

Our custom RF capabilities span a variety of platforms and applications. With our comprehensive expertise in everything from complex phased arrays to basic munitions antennas, the possibilities are endless.
  • Wideband & Multi-Band Antenna Systems
  • Conformal Antennas for Airborne Applications
  • Position, Timing, and Navigation (PNT) Systems
  • Affordable Phased Arrays
  • Ground and Airborne Radars
  • Direction Finding and Geolocation Systems
  • RF Compatibility Solutions
  • Installed Performance Measurements & Analyses
  • Millimeter Wave and Mechanism Antennas
  • GPS, Vehicular, Wearable, etc. 
FIRST RF Custom Wearable Antenna