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FIRST RF Manufacturing Production and Test Facilities

FIRST RF Corporation is located at 5340 Airport Boulevard in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. This 30,000 square foot facility co-locates office, laboratory, machine shop, and test facilities. A second 30,000 test, production and research facility is just a few blocks away and houses FIRST RF’s antenna ranges, production assembly, office, and laboratory. An additional 6,500 square foot facility provides warehousing capability. These facilities are shown below:

Airport BuildingR&D CenterWharehouse

The FIRST RF microwave lab has sixteen state-of-the-art Agilent E8364B Vector Network Analyzers with a configurable test set deck. This equipment is capable of operation from 10 MHz to 40 GHz with expansion capability to 67 GHz. The 120dB dynamic range allows the system to be used both for S-parameter measurement and antenna pattern/gain testing for mobile outdoor test capability. FIRST RF specializes and has the equipment for multi-octave frequency domain tests of antennas and RF components. Several in-house computer programs are used to derive spatial and time domain responses.

Our RCS test range was built for development, and now production, of a low-observable antenna for guided munitions program. The range uses an Agilent PNA with Time Domain option for wideband calibrated RCS measurements. Calibration is performed with both flat plate and hemispherical reflectors. FIRST RF is expanding the test and fabrication assets to support advanced phased array system development. A NSI 8x8 foot scanner was installed February 2011. Our facilities are also equipped with a thermal chamber to support thermal testing of RF electronics such as TR modules. Additional equipment onsight includes a reflow oven to support rapid prototyping efforts. These tools support FIRST RF’s objective to become a leader in advanced phased array design, fabrication and test.

FIRST RF Facilities include HF-Microwave Outdoor Test Capabilities

HMMWV Table Mountain

FIRST RF's test capabilities include a 33 foot turnable that supports tactical vehicles

Anechoic Chamber and 8x8' Near Field Scanner:

FIRST RF Near Field Scanner

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